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Dining Lunch Experience in Chief Restaurant - Nangal

Chief Restaurant - Nangal is a unique place if you want to really enjoy meals, a little excursion & picturesque environs. It is quite old restaurant & ideal retreat for Himachal Travellers who are passing through the Nangal towards Una Himachal. The restaurant falls in high security zone & photography is absolutly prohibited due to its proximity to Nangal Dam The major attraction of the restaurant is its unique location which sets it apart. It is situated on the right side of Nangal Dam & on the banks of Satluj Yamuna Canal. It is preferred to sit outside as restaurant have ample shady condos to settle in. On a typical hot summer afternoon, nothing sets your mood better than listening to gushing flow of water from the Nangal dam gates into the canal, white surf of the Canal origins & off course a Chilled Beer. Yes!! This restuarant has license to serve beer & this is additional attraction.. The food is also great & economical due to very experienced chefs, They know the palet exactly..the waiters are very friendly, they will guide you perfectly well what to order according to your taste buds. The serving size is also big. Items like tandoori Checken, Chilli chicken, Dal Makhani, Nan, Pulao etc are all great. Restaurant also serves fresh fish "Mahseer".. Chief Restaurant is also famous for its starters. Well i will come to my dinner, it was about 8 Pm when i reached there along with family, the outside area was nicely lit & we settled down with couple of beers & snacks ( Chilli paneer, fish fry etc).. All items were fresh. Main course included chilli chicken, Dal makhani & Nan, Rice followed by Ice cream - the large scoop. All was settled for around 500 ruppees.. A very economical option seeing the quality I really recommend this restaurant due to its food taste, quality, location & environs. I will give Best Rating to this restaurant..

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Posted Date: 2012-06-07

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I am fan of delicious fish served in Chief Restaurant.

Commented by : Nalin

We need more isnihgts like this in this thread.

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