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The Golden City of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is simply unmatched! It was the part of the famous Silk Route during the days of yore. The splendid Jaisalmer Fort stands proudly on its land and narrates..

The royal fortified city with a timeless appeal. Lying in the north of the Desert State, the city is dotted with many sand dunes. Bikaner retains the medieval splendor that pervades the city's..

ABU DHABI is the capital and largest of seven member emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi has over 2,000 well-maintained parks and gardens and more than 400 km of coastline, of which..


SHARJAH, the city of Culture is located a few kilometers away from Dubai. It is the third largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The city of Sharjah overlooks the Persian Gulf..