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Pachmarhi is a hill station of Madhya Pradesh situated on a large plateau Mahadeo hills of  Satpura ranges. It is widely known as “Queen of Satpura”. Pachmarhi lies in Hoshangabad district of among all tourist spots of Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is the most favorite tourist spot among domestic tourists of India. Mostly it is visited by domestic tourists from all over the India specially from Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal. Pachmarhi sightseeing is of 2-3 days long. Satpura National Park is also another attraction for Pachmarhi visitors as Tigers are their in Park.

Pachmarhi Attractions Distances from Pachmarhi City centre

  • Pachmarhi - Pandav Caves (1.00 kms)
  • Pachmarhi Catholic Church (1.00 kms)
  • Jata Shankar (2.00 kms)
  • Apsara Vihar (3.00 kms)
  • Reechgarh (3.00 kms)
  • Handi Khoh (4.00 kms)
  • Bee Falls (5.00 kms)
  • Dutchess Falls (5.00 kms)
  • Gupt Mahadeo (10.00 kms)
  • Bada Mahadeo (11.00 kms)
  • Chauragarh Peak (13.00 kms)


Jata shankar Site Seeing Tour

Jatashankar is a Lord Shiva Cave temple near Pachmarhi town centre. No Trek required, Walk only a few steps (about 500 meters walk) to access the temple. Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple is also visited alongwith. legend says that Shiva escaped through a tunnel from Tilak Sindur and finally reached remote cave - Jata Shankar. While running through the cave he lost his hair.

Jata Shankar is famous destination for tourists & shiv bhakts, many pilgrims come here during Maha Shivratri festivity in February. Dramatic scenery around the cave is often used in Indian movies. There are numerous small shops selling herbs and medicines. Near the cave, also there are two small ponds fed by springs - one is fed by cold spring, another one - by hot spring. Here originates Jambu Dwip stream.

Jatashankar cave is hidden in deep forest and there are loose rocks perched in ravine, there ared dripstone formations inside the cave, At the ceiling there is a formation which resembles a group of snakes - it is considered to represent hair of Shiva but also - a hundred headed divine snake Sheshnag.Cave contains numerous stalagmites - revered as lingams.There are some 108 such natural lingams here.

Dutchess Falls
Morning trek to Dutchess Falls (1 km steep trek down and up). Guests not up for trekking may visit the lake and do a bit of boating. 

Handi Khoh Tour
Afternoon visit to Handi Khoh (Deep Valley), Gupt Mahadev, Bada Mahadev and time permitting climb up few hundred steps to Chauragarh Temple.

Pandav Caves -

Caves where Pandavas (Mahabharata) stayed during agyatwas.

Pachmarhi Catholic Church -

Pachmarhi Catholic Church is a colonial era Church in Pachmarhi near town centre.

Jata Shankar -

Jatashankar is a Lord Shiva Cave temple near Pachmarhi town centre. One is required to walk a few steps (about 500 meters walk) to access the temple. Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple is also visited alongwith.

Apsara Vihar -

Apsara Vihar is one a popular but a bit touristy waterfall near Pachmarhi. The waterfall is approachable via a short walk.

Reechgarh -

A set of caves enroute to Sunrise / Sunset point where Bears used to take shelter earlier.

Handi Khoh -

Handi Khoh is a view point where one can see valleys and gorges around alongwith the thick reserve forest.

Bee Falls -

One of the popular waterfalls in and around Pachmarhi. Bee Falls are approachable via a short downhill walk. There are tea stalls around Bee falls serving soft drinks, noodles and some snacks.

Dutchess Falls -

Dutchess Fall is approachable via  steep 1 km downhill walk. There are tea stalls setp up at the falls serving soft drinks, noodles snacks.

Gupt Mahadeo -

Gupt Mahadeo is a cave temple at the foothills of Churagarh trek at about 100 meters walk from parking area, You need to cross narrow cave for the Darshan.

Bada Mahadeo -

Bada Mahadeo is located near Gupt Mahadeo is a Lord Shiva Temple set in a large cave with water dripping on the Shivling as well all over inside the cave.

Chauragarh Peak - 

Chauragarh is accessible via a 3 km trek involving about 500 steps. The top offers view of the surrounding hills, valleys and reserve forests.


Location of Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi Hill Station is situated at the height of 3555 feet from sea level. Pachmarhi is mostly visited during Diwali, New-year eve and summer vacation times. Pachmarhi has all characteristics of scenic beauty of Nature. Waterfalls, streams, wild-life and presence of some rare species of medicinal plants has made it most picturesque tourist spot of Madhya Pradesh.


Special pachmarhi Tour packages for 2017-2018



Pachmarhi Summer Tour Package 2017-2018
Duration: 4 Nights- 5 Days


Pachmarhi Winter Tour Package - New Year Holiday 2017-2018
Duration: 3 Nights-4 Days


Pachmarhi Tour Package from Ahmedabad Gujarat Via Indore Bhopal
Duration: 4 Nights- 5 Days


Pachmarhi Local Sightseeing Packages & Trekking Adventure Tours
Duration: 3 Days


Pachmarhi Tour Package from Pipariya
Duration: 3 days/ 4 nights


Bhopal to Pachmarhi tour package
Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days


Honeymoon in Pachmarhi 2017 2018
Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days


Pachmarhi tourism package 2017-2018
Duration: 5 days/ 4 nights


Pachmarhi Hill station Tour Package
Duration: 5 days/ 4 nights


Pachmarhi honeymoon package in winter
Duration: 3 Nights 4 Days


Pachmari tour package special Deal 2017
Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days


Pachmarhi trekking Tour package
Duration: 4 Nights - 5 Days

New year in pachmarhi package
Duration - 3 nights - 5 days