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North India Pilgrimage Tours


North India is full of many pligrimage treks & yatras. The splendid heights of the Himalayan ranges, with its great scenic beauty and aura of spiritual calm seem the natural home of the Gods. Two thousands or more temples & sacred treks all over the North India, reiterate this fact. Most of the temples in North India have legends dating back to centuries, some as old as mankind itself. Almost every temple has some kind of fair or festival connected with it.

In North India, pilgrimage and nature both blend in perfect harmony. With some world known temples and monasteries, pilgrimage is a natural tourism attraction here. The legends and mysteries of the pilgrimages here just go deeper than one can expect. The temples here turn into centres of huge gatherings and attraction during festivals and fairs.


Plan a vacation tour to Himachal Pradesh and discover the legends and mysteries behind the century old temples and religious places of Himachal Pradesh.

The temples are not merely the religious shrines but are also the centres of vibrant social life resulting in peace, harmony and exalted spiritual life. The People of Himachal are Very religious-minded and have great faith in their gods and deities.

Almost every village in Himachal Pradesh has its own temple.


Himachal Pradesh witness as many Gods as there are villages. It is believed that there are around two thousands or more temples all over the state.