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Maldives is one of the most romantic and secluded places on earth, the Maldives is the ultimate vacation resort that attracts thousands of honeymooners from all over the world every year. An archipelago of 1,192 islands, the Maldives is a tropical heaven that has dense rainforests, deep caves, breathtaking coral reefs and a rich culture. The islands are separated from each other by considerably huge expanses, meaning that one will have his own slice of exotic island paradise. Grab an exciting Maldives honeymoon holiday package from and give a charming start to the married life. From private beach picnics to island adventures like scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking, sailing, and deep sea fishing; the list of things to do on a honeymoon vacation in Maldives is seemingly endless. Privacy, relaxation, luxurious comfort, and spectacular views of the surrounding lagoon, Maldives is truly an experience that cannot be expressed in words. With more than 25 atolls and hundreds of inhabited islands, the Maldives provides the perfect backdrop for sun-seeking vacationers. Imagine a picture where one is walking hand in hand with his beloved along a stretch of white sand beach that seems to be endless and is bordered by clear azure waters. The only footprints traced in the sand for miles are his and hers! Soaking up the sun together at the ocean's edge. And when the sun sets, dining under the stars as they remember all the humorous things that happened at their wedding and talking about the happy days to arrive in their new life together. Yes, this picture comes to life on a honeymoon in the Maldives!