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Mhow Tourist Guide


Mhow Tourist Guide
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    Mahour Packages Staring from Rs 9999/- including 2 nights/3 days in Indore Citywith Patalpani trip, Kalakund Visit & Mhow Fort site seeing

About Mhow Tourist Guide and Attractions (22°33′ -75°45′)


Mhow is famous for :- Patalpani Waterfall, Mhow Fort, Mhow - Kalakund Rail Trek, Nakheri Dam.







Facts about Mhow

Mhow, is an army cantonment in the Indore district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Mhow is a Beautiful Semi Hill station situated atop of the Malwa plateau, approximately 2019 feet above sea level.

Mhow is located 23 kilometers south of Indore on the way to Mumbai, on the Mumbai-Agra Road. Mhow city gets its name in the name of tree Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) which grows well in abundance in the forests around Mhow.



Mhow Tourist Guide : Rates & Date

Package Duration: 1 night 2 days
Package Category Hotel City Package cost Per Person
Peak season Rates (June to Oct) Off Season Rates (Nov to May)
Standard Hotel Uphaar Mhow Rs.3,499 Rs.3,499
Delux Hotel S47 Rau Rs.5,999 Rs.4,999
Luxury Hotel Radisson Indore Rs.7,499 Rs.6,999


Package Inclusion:

  • 1 Nights Accomodation
  • 1 Breakfast
  • Ac vehicle for 2 days
  • All siteseeing
  • Toll Taxes + Parking
  • All Taxes



Mhow Tourist Guide: Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Mhow by Train
Pickup train from Indore to Mhow for Kalakund Famous 30 minutes Train Trek and reach mhow. Then you will go for Patalpani Waterfall, Mhow Fort and Nakheri Dam back to Rau for overnight stay which is situated 10 km from Mhow. Overnight stay at Rau Hotel


Day 2: Departs Mhow - Indore (25 km / 1 hour)
After breakfast transfer to Indore for local siteseeing of Indore i.e. Lalbagh Palace, Kanch Mandir, Bijasan Mandir, later drop to Indore railway st. for onwards journey.



Best tour Package Itinerary for Mhow

2275 Km - Distance from Agra to Bangalore via Jaipur, Ratlam, Mhow, Dhule

A distance of 2275 Km travelled in 5 day(s)

Day 1

(235 Km)     Day's Itinerary: Agra --> Jaipur

Day's Travel Time: 258 Minutes - 4 hour(s) 18 minutes(s) 


Day 2

(516 Km)     Day's Itinerary: Jaipur --> Ratlam

Day's Travel Time: 454 Minutes - 7 hour(s) 34 minutes(s) 


Day 3

(127 Km)     Day's Itinerary: Ratlam --> Mhow

Day's Travel Time: 123 Minutes - 2 hour(s) 3 minutes(s) 


Day 4

(238 Km)     Day's Itinerary: Mhow --> Dhule

Day's Travel Time: 219 Minutes - 3 hour(s) 39 minutes(s) 


Day 5

(1159 Km)     Day's Itinerary: Dhule --> Bangalore

Day's Travel Time: 1079 Minutes - 17 hour(s) 59 minutes(s)

Best Hotels in Mhow ( As Mhow is a Cantonment Area, Holiday Travel recommends you to stay in Indore, Listed are the main hotels in Indore)


Hotel Apna Palace

Dhar Road, Opp.District Hospital, Near Gangwal Bus Stand, Indore.


Sarovar Portico Indore

11, Treasure Island, M.G.Road, South Tukoganj, Indore.


Radisson Blu Hotel Indore

12, Scheme No 94 C, Ring Rd, Indore, MP 452010


Hotel Omni Palace

16 C , Ratlam Kothi Main Road, Indore, MP 452001


Hotel Sayaji

Scheme No. 54,Near Meghdoot Garden, Bhamori Dubey, Vijay Nagar, Indore, MP 452011

Hotel Mangal City

Vijay Nagar Square City Mall, Indore, MP 452001



Mhow Tourist Atractions

  • Mhow Kalakund Famous 30 minutes Train Trek
  • Patalpani Waterfall
  • Mhow Fort
  • Nakheri Dam
  • Bercha Lake




Mhow-Kalakund Pictuesque rail route ( Hidden & Most Beautiful Train Journey in Madhya Pradesh)


The Mhow-Kalakund rail route that passes through the picturesque hills and valleys of Vindhyachal mountain range is a must visit for all travellers, The track was Built by the British about 150 years back, the route is blessed with captivating landscape and mesmerizing flora and fauna.







30 Minutes of the Incredibly beautiful Train Journey in Central India

The incredibly beautiful train journey starts from Mhow railway station, The Patalpani waterfall can be seen on the right. The train stops there for five minutes break and resumes the journey to enter a tunnel, with which the  real excitement starts.

Mhow Kalakund Train entering tunnel

(Mhow Kalakund Train entering tunnel)

The train then passes through turns and three more tunnels and crosses the Choral River at as many as six points before reaching Kalakund station.

With its scenic beauty and landscape, the journey of about thirty minutes leaves the passengers mesmerized. There is a demand to get the Heritage Status for this Beautiful Railway Track




Patalpani Water Fall

Patal Pani is a famous local picnic spot famous for its beautiful waterfall approximately 300 feet height. In rainy season it is a Breathtaking site, in addition, one can enjoy adventure sports like trekking and hiking around. Patalpani is a favourite tourist spot and people from Indore and even neighboring districts come here to see the beautiful waterfall and the number of picnickers swell on Sundays and other holidays. A rise in the number of tourists will help increase income of the tribal people living in the areas.


Why it is Called Patalpani :- The depth of the water pit formed at the bottom of the patalpani falls is unknown. As per the tradition, it goes deep down to the underground world (patal), Waterfall sight is wonderful soon after the rainy season, usually after July.




Patalpani WaterFall Tragedy Incident on July 17 - 2011( An Analysis) 

A Major tragedy occured in Patalpani waterfall, which claimed three precious lives, The incident occurred when five persons, including four members of the Rathi family and Chavi, were swept away by water gushing at high speed while having a picnic at the Patalpani waterfalls.Rescue teams recovered the body of a girl who along with her family members had fallen into the Patalpani waterfall near here.Bodies of Mudita's friend Chavi Dhoot and her father Chandrashekhar were also found. All of them fell into the deep waterfall but onlookers managed to rescue two of them.

The horror was captured on the Video & uploaded on you tube. It was a very tragic scene when gushing water from river swept away a family of four & their friend. ( Check the Video here - Patalpani tragedy video is disturbing, viewer discertion is advised.




Reason for Patalpani Tragedy

Initially it was thought that flash flood was due to rains in the catchment area, but later on investigations found that it was a man-made rather than natural calamity. Open flood gates of Nakheri dam canal system adjacent to the Malendi River and large-scale leakage caused sudden surge of water at the falls, sweeping away the victims. The water level rose in the river within 30 seconds, providing little opportunity for a family of four and their friend to reach for safety.



Gaurav Patidar, the youth who shot the sensational video showing the victims being swept away in the floods, said, "The entire episode was over in 30-seconds with water rushing in, covering a distance of 150-ft in 30 seconds. Had we got one minute we could have extended the rope and saved lives".

People living in the locality claim that they never saw such an intensity of flashflood as was seen on July 17-2011




Local Dances & Culture in Mhow 

Locals of Mhow city perform several folk dances during various religious and social festivals. These dance form includes Phag (a sword dance), Mandri (drum dance) and Lota (a dance performed by women who balance full pitchers of water on their heads), Sua (performed only by the female artists on the occasion of Goura marriage), Dashera (during festivals of Dussehra and Diwali), Doha and Sumran, Karma (at the time of Vijayadashmi), Reena (during Diwali), Shaila (male dominated dance), Bilma (on the occasion of marriage), Parghoni (marriage time) and Jharpat (while playing games). Of all the dance forms, the most popular and well known dance tradition is the fascinating marriage dance.




Famous Personalities of Mhow

Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar

Baba Ambedkar was born in Mhow as his father Subedar Major Ramji Maloji Sakpal - a VCO (Viceroy Commissioned Officer) of the Mahar Regiment - was stationed in Mhow



Celina Jaitly & Pooja Batra

Both Bollywood Filmstars were born in Army families, Both of them are the daughters of retired Indian Army Colonels who have settled in Mhow.




Major Cities Near Mhow-Places Around Mhow-Nearby Cities


City                               Distance & Time


Bhopal                     215 km in 3 hours 30 mins


Gwalior                   525 km in 9 hours 58 mins


Balaghat                 616 km in 11 hours 0 mins


Indore                           24.6 km in 38 mins


Hoshangabad              292 km in 4 hours 59 mins


Jabalpur                   544 km in 8 hours 56 mins


Damoh                    462 km in 7 hours 41 mins


Sanchi                   261 km in 4 hours 10 mins


Burhanpur            176 km in 2 hours 56 mins


Morena                     559 km in 10 hours 33 mins




Places to visit in Mhow

Bercha Lake Mhow : Bercha Lake is in Bercha, a village about 8 km from Mhow. It is a major picnic spot where one can enjoy boating in the lake. Also there is an ancient giant banyan tree. This area comes under military.


Nakheri Dam Mhow : Nakheri dam is connected to the river Patal Pani which makes Patal Pani visible. The location of the dam is so good that one would certainly enjoy the village environment as well as the sun set scene over the waters of Nakheri dam.


Mhow Fort Mhow: As per the Treaty of Mandsaur signed in 1818, the responsibility to support a field force to maintain the internal treasuries of the territories of Malhar Rao Holkar, and to defend them from foreign enemies was given into the hands of the East India Company. Because of which, Malhar Rao Holkar agreed to grant some place of security, known as Mhow Fort.The Mhow Fort covered an area of around four hectares. This large area was used to store the weapons and shells belonging to Mhow Garrison. During the war of independence in 1857, Bengal troops in Mhow confronted and raised the arms to revolt against the British. Most of the British men were killed and the ones who survived took the shelter in Mhow Fort. They remained in the fort for nearly a month and rescued only when the other English troops under the command of a Brigadier General Stuart Mhow of Aurangabad entered the fort.


Old Durga Temple Mhow : Durga Temple is devoted to Maa Durga. During Navratris, huge crowd of devotees swarms this place for religious activities.




How to reach Mhow

Mhow by Air

The nearest airport to Mhow is the Indore airport which is about 56 km. Indore is connected by air to all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. of the country. Regular local and prepaid taxies ply from airport to Mhow.


Mhow by Train

The Mhow has narrow gauge railway line. It is well connected with regular trains with the nearby major cities. One can choose from a number of trains from the nearby major cities to get to Mhow.


Mhow by Road

Mhow is well connected by road. National Highway 3 and State Highway 1 are the nearest connecting highways to the city of Mhow. Once you enter the city, you can take benefits of local buses, autos and taxi services to move within the city.


Mhow by Bus

One can avail the services of local and Government (MPSTC) bus services to move to Mhow from the nearby and major cities.


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