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The wettest place on earth, Mawsynram gets around 12 metres of rainfall annually.Mawsynram attracts plenty of nature loving tourists who are drawn by its bountifulfresh air, clear blue skies, abundant greenery and lush waterfalls. 
Mawsynram's other natural attractions include the Mawjymbuin Cave with a massive stalagmite shaped like a Shivalinga. Another small natural staglamite formation close to the giant Shivalinga is worshipped by the locals as Goddess Parvati.The region also has an unique culture because of its ethnic Khasi and Garo tribe inhabitants. 
It is incredible to watch the hills, cascading waterfalls and plunging gorges of Mawsynram unfold like a pop-up storybook after just around a 1 hr drive from Shillong. Even more incredible is how the people of Mawsynram live as one with the land.

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Villages lie in small clusters at the bottom of the jungle-covered hills, inaccessible to the outside world except by steep mountain trails that wind through thick tropical forests with an amazing bio-diversity.
Trekking to villages Kenmysnsaw and Kenbah is a strenuous 2-hour affair that would prove to be an indomitable challenge for the first-timer in the beginning. However, the lush green orange and grapefruit orchards and the beautiful flora and fauna throughout the hike makes it an experience that remains unforgotten. Mawsynram is known for having the highest recorded rainfall in the world, and lives up to its repute by surprising one with quick showers at the most unexpected instances.

The sound of rushing waters greets the visitor. The sight of clothes drying on rocks as a stream rushes past and a cluster of little houses with more clothes drying on the roofs tell the visitor he’s arrived. A hanging wire bridge takes one across the river and into the village. Kenmynsaw and Kenbah, which lie next to each other, are both craft villages. The people literally live off the land, using the cane and bamboo of the jungles to craft beautifully finished products. The villagers greet visitors with a mixture of curiosity and warm friendly hospitality, offering you tea or ‘kwai’, and proffering you the shelter of their verandahs to rest tired limbs. Curious children gather in flocks to scrutinize you, leaving behind their play at what the observant visitor will notice, is with cane and bamboo, learning young.



The dampest place on earth lies in the state Meghalaya in the Northeast of India. It’s also known as “The Abode of Clouds”. The moist-warm air, which is blown across during the Monsoon from the Bay of Bengal, ascends over the Khasi hills. The clouds grow stronger and then it rains…and rains…and rains. The world record of rainfall per year (from 1952 – 1962) was measured in the village Mawsynram. Averagely 13.108 liters/m² fall here each year and therefore hold the title of “wettest place on earth”. New measures near the city Cherrapunji (the second wettest place on earth) show a similar amount of rain, where you’ll also come across the amazing living root bridges.

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