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Matheran Hill Station

Matheran Hill Station

Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran Tourist Guide


Matheran Overview

 Matheran is a most famous and coolest Hill Station situated in Karjat Tahsil, Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. It is located on the range of Western Ghats at height of 800 m (2625 Feet) above sea level. There are lots of lookout points that provide spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Matheran has a reasonably dense forest cover. A number of viewing points at the hill top give amazing chances to explore the picturesque surroundings of this part of Maharashtra. This is a perfect place for vacationers to get a break from the bustling life of the cities. Matheran travel guide provides all the valuable information about the city to the travelers. Matheran has a number of unique distinctions, it is the smallest hill station in India.

Secondly it is one of the few places in the world where vehicles are only allowed put a point and no vehicles are allowed into the main part of the hill station.


Hotels in Matheran

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Recommended Hotels in Matheran

1. SaffronStays Parsi Manor

2. Hotel Roshan Residency    


Why you must visit Matheran

Matheran is famous and most visited hill station of Maharashtra, This city is very fresh and charming to enjoy your holiday with beautiful attraction. It is the only hill station in the country which refuses entry to motorized vehicles. As a result, it has succeeded in keeping pollution at bay making it the ideal destination for a breath of fresh air. It is perfect for beginner-level trekkers as it is just a 30-45 minute-trek from the parking lot. Matheran is visited by every tourist those who want to enjoy the real beauty of Nature with perfect spectacular view of city.



Best Time to visit to Matheran

The best time to visit Matheran is from October to May when the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy sightseeing and explore outdoors. In Matheran there is less humid climate throughout the year, so you can reach anytime


How to Reach Matheran

By Flight: Mumbai airport is the nearest airport to Matheran, located at a distance of 80 km. It is easily to travel Matheran from Mumbai. Mumbai is linked with various metro cities


By Bus: You can reach Matheran from Mumbai by taking car or Bus Daily service. This mode is ideal for group travel or for families with senior citizens and kids


By Train: The nearest broad gauge railway station near Matheran is located at a distance of 20 km and the name of the railway station is Neral.  The Matheran Hill Railway was built in 1907 by Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy and covers a distance of 20 km, over some beautiful forest territory.



Things to do in Matheran

Horse Riding in Matheran: Matheran is very famous Hill station of Maharashtra where you can find number of famous attraction horse riding is one the attraction in Matheran, If you are in Matheran then don’t forget to have a experience of Horse riding. There were about 462 horses in Matheran. Horse riding is the pass time and a mode of transport in Matheran. There are plenty of horses available for hire and the cost depends on distance and time. The horse riding is considered as an adventure by the tourists visiting Matheran.


Trekking in Matheran: Matheran is a pure treat. There are multiple trekking routes to Matheran, the most famous being the one through the Garbert Plateau. The journey starts from Bhivpuri station and the climb is particularly special in the rainy season as there are many rivulets and streams that criss cross the expedition. Trek to Chanderi Caves in Matheran, Chanderi, a grand mountain ranges extend to a sprawling height of around 800m and are located on the way from Badlapur to Karjat. Embark on this amazing Chanderi caves trekking experience with friends and family like never before.


Shopping in Matheran: Shopping in Matheran can be an experience in itself, The bazaar here is just a small marketplace, not a commercial shopping complex. It runs the length of one street, and contains shops and stalls that sell the local produce of Matheran. The workmanship of Leather bags, leather belts, and leather shoes is exclusive and the prices are reasonable. Also you can buy walking sticks, glass birds and dried wild flowers that have a quaint appeal. One other thing that dominates the market is chikki and Chocolate fudge, a confection made of gram flour, jaggery and cashew nut. Nariman chikki is by far the most popular.



Restaurants in Matheran

There are many restaurants in Matheran that are worth trying. These restaurants serve an array of cuisines including Chinese and Mughlai cuisine, Gujarati Thali as well as local snacks such as, Vada-Pav. If you want to enjoy your lunch and dinner then visit these mention Restaurants given below.


Garden View Restaurant: Garden View Restaurant is much visited place in Matheran to enjoy your lunch and dinner with without delicious taste. People may visit here and enjoy their lunch and dinner with their family and friends it is very affordable restaurant where you can get good priority food.


Ketkar’s Restaurant: Good food at affordable price. It is a good place to have your breakfast or evening snacks to go along with the tea/coffee.


Shabbir’s Biryani House: Do not go by the size of this restaurant, it serves most delicious biryani Matheran. A top favorite among the locals and the tourists alike



Places to visit in Matheran

Charlotte Lake: Charlotte Lake is a popular picnic spot, which is also referred as Sharlott Lake. The water body is the primary source of drinking water in the Matheran town and adjacent region Louisa Point and Echo Point are placed close to the water body. These sites with beautiful sceneries and greeneries are frequented by tourists. Moreover, the site provides shelter to contrasting species of birds.


Rambaug Point: Rambaug point offers the best view of the eastern hills from Matheran. Located between the Alexander point and the Little chowk point Rambaug point falls on the way to one tree hill from bazar peth.  atheran, which has the designation of being the smallest hill station in India, is situated in the Western Ghats at an average altitude of 800 m above sea level.


Paymasters Park: Paymaster Park is one of the historic parks, which is popular for contrasting varieties of flowers. Beautifully arranged benches along with figurines of Malet, Lt. Col. Paymaster and S. L. Panday grab attention of the tourists. Nice gazebo with a well maintained garden.


Panorama Point: Panorama poit offers picturesque views of the the Western ghats and lush plains dotted with villages far below. Panorama point is amongst the most popular and most visited viewpoints in Matheran. It offers beautiful views of Prabal fort in the backdrop of lush green forests and distant views of Hart point, Porcupine point and Monkey point


Rambagh Point: Rambaug point offers the best view of the eastern hills from Matheran. Located between the Alexander point and the Little chowk point Rambaug point falls on the way to one tree hill from bazar peth.  atheran, which has the designation of being the smallest hill station in India, is situated in the Western Ghats at an average altitude of 800 m above sea level.


Echo Point: Echo point is the place where one can hear the echos of the scream and yells from the mountains.


Toy Train at Matheran: It’s astonishing to travel by Toy train from Neral to Matheran a hill station in Raigad district in Maharashtra (India). Toy Trains journey takes around 281 thriller zigzag turns (ghat) from Neral to Matheran hill top. The Matheran Railway is a small line of 2 ft. gauge constructed in the year 1907 and being rewarded World Heritage in by UNESCO. It’s mode of transport to reach the plateau top in the near vicinity of the city of Mumbai. This railway is known as matheran toy train. Later the special Toy Train has honored by the name “PhulRani


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