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Lavasa Tourist Guide

Lavasa Tourist Guide

Lavasa Tourist Guide
  • Location: Maharashtra,India -412112
  • Nearest Airport: Pune Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Lonavala Railway Station

Lavasa Tourist Guide


Lavasa Overview

Lavasa is a private planned city being built near Pune. It is stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino, with a street and several buildings bearing the name of that town. It is the most well planned city which is famous for its dam and scenic beauty. Spreading across 7 hills, covering an area of 25000 acres, Lavasa is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure. Lavasa is a great destination if you just want to chill and relax, play golf, go for long relaxing walks.

Hotels in Lavasa

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Recommended Hotels in Lavasa

1. Mercure Lavasa


Why you must visit Lavasa

Lavasa is most beautiful destination to visit and explore your holiday amongst with your friends and family. It is the most well planned city which is famous for its dam and scenic beauty. People visit this city to experience the most exciting adventurous activities. Water Sports are the prime attraction of the city. People can go for trekking, mountain climbing and hiking to take the unforgettable experience in the mountain ranges. People used to visit Lavasa to enjoy Boating, Temghar Dam is the most visited and popular sightseeing in this city.


Best time to visit in Lavasa

The best time to visit Lavasa is during the monsoon season because heavy showers allow the exploration of natural wildlife and waterfalls located in the region. During the rainy season all the plants come to life. Accompanied by cool breezes, the sight is truly a treat. But avoid going there during peak monsoon season.


Places to visit in Lavasa

Health and wellness centers: This center is the perfect destination to rejuvenate and relax your mind and body You can experience exotic ayurvedic massages, yoga classes, and therapeutic massage there.


Temghar Dam: This dam is most visited and the major source of water supply to Pune. You can view the beautiful sight in this dam when water flows continuously. The length of the Dam is 1,075 meters. This Dam is not as large as Panshet or Khadakwasla but is worth visiting especially during Monsoon. The main purpose of the Dam is for irrigation which is of great help to the nearby areas. 


Waterfalls: It is another Lavasa Attractions where you can get the spectacular view of beautiful waterfalls. This place is surrounded by the natural beauty and has mountains all around. 


Things to do in Lavasa

Lavasa makes a perfect tourist destination, because of its enchanting panorama. It is said to be adventure place where you can enjoy your holiday by taking part in various activity which are given below


Lavasa on a Segway Ride: Lavasa on a Segway Ride, an eco-friendly, battery-powered vehicle. Navigate this ingenious machine through serene slopes and hills to discover the hill station-city. Trained professionals help you learn to navigate the Segway Ride, and is extremely hard to stop riding once 


Temghar Dam: The Temghar Dam is situated on the Mutha River that flows through the city of Pune. It is located at a distance of approximately 40 KM from Pune in Lavasa. 


How to Reach Lavasa

By Flight: There are no direct flights to Lavasa. Pune Airport is the nearest airport to the city which is accessible by bus, taxi, cars or any other public transport.   

By Bus: Lavasa is best accessed by road, especially from Mumbai and Pune. State owned buses depart on a regular and frequent basis from Mumbai, Pune and other nearby places for Lavasa.  

By Train: Lonavala Railway Station is nearer to the city at a distance of 29km but you can also reach by Pune, Pune Railway which is 65km away. Taking a train to Lavasa is an amazing way to travel. 


Eating Out in Lavasa

Lavasa has a blend cuisines, no one particularly dominating. One can find them ranging from Mughlai, Tandoori to Italian and American. The food here pleases visitors of all ages. Restaurants in Lavasa ‘dish-up’ a smorgasbord of food and drink. Offering an array of cuisines, Lavasa, literally, has lots to serve. The Waterfront Shaw has an American Diner which serves lip-smacking pancakes and is definitely worth visiting again and again. For Indian, Chinese and other Asian cuisines, head to the specialty restaurant at the Dasvino Town and Country Club.


Festivals & Event

Lavasa hosts many special events and festivals. Visit the town during Christmas and New Years to indulge in grand celebrations. The Diwali Mela, organised by the students of the local Zilla Parishad Schools is also worth attending. Other than these Lavasa is popular for the Lavasa Women’s Drive- a car rally held annually during the month of February. This event is held to spread cancer awareness and as many as 1000 women drivers participate in this event. The race starts from Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital and ends at Lavasa.


FAQ - What is where...?


What to buy and shop in "Lavasa"

Street shops and flea markets to satiate their shopping cravings.


Where to buy & shop for souvenirs tourist items in "Lavasa"

There is no scope for shopping in Lavasa. Although if you really want to shop then you may do so in souvenir shops at your hotel.


Where to have best food in "Lavasa"

Chor Bizarre Restaurant is best to eat

Where to stay in "Lavasa"

Standard: Hill View Street Villa

Deluxe: Ekaant The Retreat 

Luxury: Mercure Lavasa 

Where to drink in "Lavasa"

Zen Bar is best to visit and this bar is affordable


Best Bars in "Lavasa"

The All American Diner Restaurant & Bar


Where to eat fastfood "Lavasa"

Happy Sandwich is good to have fast food


Where to eat Lunch & Dinner" Lavasa"

Celebration All Day Dining


No Hotel found.