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Guptkashi Travel Guide

Guptkashi Travel Guide

Guptkashi Travel Guide
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Guptkashi  Travel Guide

  • Coordinates: 30.526944°N 79.081667°E
  • Country : India
  • State :Uttarakhand, Region: Garhwal.
  • Famous for :- Kedarnath Dham (45 kms)
  • District :Rudraprayag

Guptkashi, famous for an ancient Vishwanath Temple, is situated in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. It lies 45 km south of Kedarnath which is one of the most religious places of Hindus.


The city Guptkashi, located at an elevation of 1,319 meters, is found between the north latitudes of 30.31 degrees and the east longitudes of 79.04 degrees. It has beautiful milieu of the snow covered peaks of Chaukhamba, Kedarnath and Neelkanth peaks and enjoys a wonderful weather throughout the year. Guptkashi's Mandakini river valley has lush green forests with large magnolia trees that scatter its sweet fragrance in atmosphere all around this place.


Legend states that the Pandavas on the advice of Lord Krishna went to Kashi to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. But Lord Shiva was not interested to meet them. Therefore, he turned himself into a Nandi bull to hide himself from Pandavas. Since this act by Lord Shiva was done at this place hence it is named as Guptkashi. 

The facilities like Food, Market, Hospital, Telephone and many more are available at Guptkashi. The prime occupation of the people of this region is agriculture.The nearest big town to Guptkashi is Rishikesh, at a distance of about 200 km.


Local Dances of Guptkashi
The most popular dance forms of this region are Langvir Nritya, Barada Nati, Pandava Nritya and Shotiya Tribal folk dance. Locals believe that by performing these dances they can influence God. Guptkashi people also enjoy singing songs related to Chhopati and Jhumeila, Basanti, Mangal, Jaggar, Bajuband, Khuded and Chhura.


Handicrafts of Guptkashi 

The rich tradition of the Uttarakhand state can be observed in various arts and crafts like painting, wood carving, candle making, jewelry making, and constructing decorative temples. One can see influence of the lush green surroundings, the turquoise sky and the snow filled mountains in these handicrafts. The scenic and tranquil environment of this place forms a base for a treasure-house of artistically inclined people.Aipan and Peeth are other folk forms art. This art is generally practiced by women in and around their houses. Both art forms use a lot of geometric patterns, ‘Geru’ and rice paste to give attractive look.


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