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Aurangabad Tourist Guide

Aurangabad Tourist Guide

Aurangabad Tourist Guide
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Aurangabad Tourist Guide


Aurangabad Overview

Aurangabad is a city in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state in India. The city is a tourism hub, surrounded by many historical monuments, including the Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves, which are Unesco World Heritage Sites, as well as Bibi Ka Maqbara also known as the Mini Taj Mahal and Panchakki. Aurangabad is a brilliant city and was the capital of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Aurangabad is also an important pilgrimage centre for Hindus as the Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga is located just 30 km away from the main town. Apart from showcasing the era of Mughals through its royalty and great architectural work, this place is also beautiful as it has two of the most famous rivers of central India, Godavari & Tapi.


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Why you must visit Aurangabad

Aurangabad is good and most famous city of Maharashtra which belongs to the Mughal city and it is rich in historical places of India.  It is most visited city to enjoy the history and get well known knowledge about Mughal and its dynasty. It has famous points of interest which may include all historic forts and Caves, there is many festivals are celebrated and the people of Aurangabad enjoy it well. The entire tourist used to visit Aurangabad in festival time to enjoy their holidays and spend some memorable moment in Aurangabad. Aurangabad is known to be the gateway to the region, as most of the visitors who are coming from outside reach Aurangabad once just after the arrival or before leaving the state.


Best time to visit Aurangabad

Maharashtra is said to be hottest state then it is best to visit Aurangabad during the winter months of November to February when the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy sightseeing and explore the outdoors. Winter is mild and the city receives average rainfall in monsoon


How to Reach Aurangabad

By Flight: Aurangabad airport is conveniently located, around 10 kms east of the town, and is directly air-linked to Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur. Taxis and auto rickshaws are available outside the airport or you could have a rented car meet you on arrival.

By Train: Aurangabad Junction is the nearest railhead, it is easy to visit Aurangabad by train it connects with various cities like Delhi, Gwalior There are two direct trains to/from Mumbai as well as a daily train to Hyderabad in neighboring Andhra Pradesh. Other direct connections are to Delhi (1395 km) and one, every five days to Amritsar via Delhi. Local trains, taxis and buses connect the two places

By Bus: You can easily drive in as Aurangabad is well connected by road to the towns and cities around it like Pune, Mumbai, Nashik. You can easily get regular buses to Aurangabad from other major cities of the country.


Places to visit in Aurangabad

Devgiri Fort:  Devgiri Fort is situated in the village of Daulat. The massive fort immediately attracts you and has you spellbound the moment you set your eyes on it The most interesting fact about the fort is that it remained unconquerable throughout.      


Bani Begam Bagh: The beautiful garden was created by the grandson of Aurangazeb in memory of Bani Begum, his wife. This is a perfect place if you want to relax on your tour and keep your spirits soaring. The garden reflects the style of Mughal architecture. You will find waterfall near the garden. Not much activity for you here except to relax and enjoy.


Ghrishneshwar Temple: Ghrishneshwar Temple belongs to 18th century. It is just half a kilometer from Ellora Caves.  Ancient architecture here owing to the damage caused by Aurangazeb, a peaceful place and it is frequented by tourists, as it is one of the twelve Siva temples.


Pitalkhora Caves: Pitalkhora Caves are located in the most picturesque setting under the valley. It consists of 14 Buddhist Caves. They are grouped into two sets with the first group consisting of 10 caves and the second group consisting of 4 caves. Pitalkhora Caves are known for its fascinating carvings.


Ajanta Caves: The Ajanta Caves have 30 rock cut Bhuddhist caves and it is 106 km from Aurangabad. The basic designs of the caves are called ‘Chaitya grihas’ and ‘Viharas’. Five caves are Buddhist cathedrals and the remaining 25 are monasteries. The Chaityas are large, rectangular chambers separated by rows of pillars. They are decorated by sculptures and murals which depict the many incarnations of Buddha. The Vhharas are rectangular shaped halls. They have series of small cells which are attached on both sides. Opposite to the entrance is an image of Buddha. The caves also include a visual form of the life of Buddha and interesting stories from Jatakas.


Ellora Caves: The Ellora Caves are listed in the world-heritage list. They are located about 30 km from Aurangabad. The Kailash Temple of the Ellora caves is the most attractive and masterpiece of the creator. The Kailash temple in the Ellora caves is one of the world’s largest and massive sculpture. It was curved out of a rock with the help of 7000 laborers and took nearly 150 years to complete. The shrines are a mix or both Hindu and Jain faiths. Cave number 32 is famous for a glorious Yakshi statue and beautiful ceiling paintings.



Food to Eat In Aurangabad

Aurangabad is well known by the city of Mughla so heer you can find the Mughla cusines. Here you can find non veg food. A simple dish of Sheermal or the naan bread cooked in a tandoor served with khaliya, a spicy red mutton curry, which has been slow cooked all day. A very filling dish which is a delight to the palate as well, you will find this dish in almost every roadside dhaba and restaurant of Aurangabad.



Culture of Aurangabad

The culture of Aurangabad city is heavily influenced by Hyderabad. The old city still retains the cultural flavor and charms of Muslim culture of Hyderabad. Its influence is reflected in the language and cuisine of the locals. Marathi and Urdu are the principal languages of the city. Aurangabad is particularly acclaimed for its ethnic local arts such as Paithani Saris, Himroo and Mashru fabrics, Kimkhab work, Bidriware and the handmade paper of Kaghzipura.


Events & Festival in Aurangabad

Aurangabad is famous city of Maharashtra which is generally known as Mughal City. The main festivals occurring directly after the rainy season as are typical in India. However, there is plenty going on throughout the year with a good number of local events happening too Ganesh Chaturthi, Shivaji Jayanti, Gudi Padwa, Nag Panchmi and the Aurangabad Festival right at the end of the year.


Some important festivals in Aurangabad are mentioned below

Paithan Fair: Paithan Fair is celebrated in the month of March or April when pilgrims gather at Paithan and pay homage at the Eknath Maharaj Temple situated on the banks of the river Godavari. This fair is celebrated for 10 days with incomparable enthusiasm and gusto, The fair lasts for about 10 days.


Shivaji Jayanti: The birth anniversary of Chatrapati Shivaji is celebrated with great zeal. A colourful procession with lezims ( a traditional musical instrument) and floats is taken round to the city which terminates at Kranti Chowk where there is an impressive bronze statue of Shivaji Maharaj. 


Ellora Festival: Ajanta and Ellora festival is one of the most important festivals of Aurangabad. The Ajanta and Ellora festival delineates the superlative festival of classical dance and music, under the breathtaking backdrop of the Ellora Caves. The festival usually takes place in March. The festival showcases the best and hand-picked talents from across India. Organized by Maharashtra Government Tourism Department, this fiesta is held against the backdrop of the celebrated Ellora Caves when prominent and talented personalities across the country showcase their genius in dance and music.


Aurangabad Festival: Aurangabad Festival organized in the month of December every year marks the jubilation of Aurangabad’s rich local cultural and artistic heritage. This festival mainly aims at exploring the hidden talents of the people and increasing the vivacity and vitality of this historic city. Administered by the Aurangabad Festival Committee, this festival mainly emphasizes upon the manifestation of local art, culture and heritage through various performances of classical dances, folk dances, popular songs, Mushaira, Ghazals, Qawalli, and so on.


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What to buy and shop in "Aurangabad"

Himroo shawls and sarees

Where to buy & shop for souvenirs tourist items in "Aurangabad"

Paithani Weaving Center, Connaught Shopping Market and Nirula Bazaar. Dont forgett to buy top-notch weaves, exquisite silverware, semi-precious stones

Where to have best food in "Aurangabad"

Mrignayani Restaurant 


Where to stay in "Aurangabad"

Standard: Hotel Green Olive 

Deluxe: Lemon Tree Hotel

Luxury: Vivanta by Taj


Where to drink in "Aurangabad"

KA Lounge


Best Bars in "Aurangabad"

MH20-The Food, Beverage and Party hub


Where to eat fastfood "Aurangabad"

Kream N Krunch


Where to eat Lunch & Dinner" Aurangabad"

Rama International

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